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Our Services

New Patient Consultations

Scheduling an appointment with Cardiovascular Associates of Greenville is easy. If your doctor has referred you to Dr. Thandroyen for a consultation, someone from our office will contact you to set up your appointment. If you are a self-referral wishing to establish care with a cardiologist, you may call us any time during normal business hours and we will be happy to schedule an appointment for you. Dr. Thandroyen is currently accepting new patients.

Established Patient Follow-Up Visits

Regular routine follow-up care is an important part of managing your health. Dr. Thandroyen will determine the best treatment plan for you that will include regular follow-up visits. The frequency of these visits will be determined at the time of your initial office visit and will be based on the complexity of your medical history. Dr. Thandroyen values your input and encourages you to play an active role in your cardiovascular health management.

Brief Visits

Brief visits are scheduled when Dr. Thandroyen needs to see you back for a short visit, either to go over test results that you recently had performed in our office or to see how you are doing after a medication change. These visits typically take about 15 minutes, but play an important role in helping you understand the status of your cardiovascular health and overall management plan.